Fountain Of Youth Balm - by plant makeup

Fountain Of Youth Balm - by plant makeup

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This fountain of youth balm moisturises and helps keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Containing the amazing herbal secrets of cat claw bark and cypress oil to help keep that youthful complextion, it smells like the forest and is 100% natural.

It is especially good for normal to mature skin types and rolls on with ease from it's eco friendly tube. It rejuvenates skin and can be applied any time of day for a moistening forest scented pick me up.

All the ingredients are gmo free, handmade and cruelty free.

Ingredients - organic extra virgin olive oil, ethically wildhavested cats claw bark, organic unrefined shea butter, local beeswax, organic cypress oil and lots of love.




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As with all herbal and natural products please do a skin test first before full use.