Goupie - The Vegan Chocolate Treat

Goupie - The Vegan Chocolate Treat


Goupie chocolates compliment our teas perfectly and you wouldn’t know they are vegan at all.

Rich, chewy with a little crunch, they are devilishly moreish. You can make them last as they come in large chunky lumps in an awesome trapezium shaped box to store them, that’s if you can resist their suductive chocolate powers!

We love ours with our tea as they melt so well, we pair the Orange Belgium chocolate with our Sweet baba yaga and Dark moon tea , lavender and Dark chocolate with our Ghost Rose and the Original flavour, well…that just goes with any flavour tea at all!

The packaging is totally recyclable and the small plastic used to keep the chocolate fresh inside, is soon to be compostable!

Hand Made in Kent by a mother and daughter team, using a family recipe passed down to them, they have a great ethos and product, and when looking for something sweet to be part of our tea rituals, we found them and just had to stock their yummy offerings!


Dairy free - Vegan - Vegetarian

Ingredients for all Goupie - Golden syrup, Dark Chocolate, vegetable oil, Crisped rice, Sugar,

Biscuit + 100% Fairtrade Cocoa powder.

Lavender Goupie also contains - lavender flowers and lavender essential oil

Orange Goupie also contains - orange candied peel and orange essential oil

If you’ve any allergy related questions just drop us a line.

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