Moon Ritual Tea Cups - Hand thrown - Earthen ware

Moon Ritual Tea Cups - Hand thrown - Earthen ware


Designed by us and brought to life by our local potter at Bentham pottery, these Moon Ritual tea cups were inspired by the earth and land that surrounds our local mountain tarn, our love of Japanese tea cups and the moon.

The icy cold water laps the earth up there and we wanted the cups to look like they had been moulded out of the ground especially to scoop up a moon lit cup of the tarns cold + fresh water.

We also wanted to create the beautiful comfort that comes from holding your cup, so we designed them without a handle. The size makes them fit perfectly in your hand, with enough space inside to fill and sip on for a while, but small enough to encourage you to refill and enjoy the actual ritualistic pouring of the tea and the serving of the tea to others.

We love the full moon but we also enjoy the amazing, pointed, sharp, Cheshire cat smile of a crescent moon. Our local potter, Lee, created small clay moon stamps and carefully hand throws and stamps them on in the same day before drying them outside in the sun and wind. The moon can be seen on the outside but also on the inside of some too. Gorgeous.

There is many variations of the cup, some are speckled, tapered at the top a little, have mixed glaze patches and ridges. This is what makes them unique and very beautiful, hand made is always so much more tactile and enjoyable we believe.

These artisan cups are sturdy and can be used for many different things, to hold a smoke cleansing stick, toothbrushes, pens, combs, paintbrushes, ear buds, picked wild flowers, matches etc…but we think they are defiantly best used for our Teas and Tisanes.

Created from the earth using water to shape, hardened in the fires, dried in the wind and sun and made with intention and love. These cups hold all the elements and are perfect for use in rituals and to make some Moon magic with.

Due to the handmade nature of these cups, we must wait for new stock to be ready which takes many weeks. Stock will be replenished hopefully every 6-8 weeks from the last few sold.

We hope you love your little moon tea cups and cherish them as a special offering from the earth and us 🌙

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