Home Grown Organic Dried Burning Sage

Home Grown Organic Dried Burning Sage


This Organic sage is super fragrant and fresh, it was grown in our own garden, hand harvested at full moon and carefully dried before we bagged it into cute cotton red moon stamped bags for you.

You can light a leaf before meditation or pop a few leafs onto a charcoal disc burner for a room cleanse.

Research has proven that sage kills 94% of bacteria in the air and when they tested the air a day later it was still clean.

Sage has been used for all sorts of cleaning and cleansing rituals through ages, the Egyptians used it to kill diseases and even the plague.

It helps rebuild vitality and strength after illness. As well as being a warming, comforting smell, it is used during rituals to help cleanse and prepare the space for use. A truly fantastic herb to work with.

Limited edition - We only have a very small amount of these so please don’t miss out.

Be careful when working with fire, make sure you use heat proof bowls, dishes and surfaces and never leave unattended.

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