Inca - Large dish Incense holder

Inca - Large dish Incense holder


These pottery incense holders have been especially designed by Inca aromas to hold their larger incense sticks.

They have a larger dish to capture the fallen ash (which you can put on your garden soil to feed plants). You can also pop your favourite crystals or flowers on it as there is so much space.

They have an all important through hole so you can easily poke out the stick once the incense has gone out if it gets lodged inside.

The design is modern and the colours are natural so to fit in with most room decors.

These beautiful hand crafted incense dish holders make a lovely gift and are perfectly matched with our best quality raw Inca incense.

Pottery incense holders that hold the incense upright are recommended for Inca incense as they burn up to 2 hours long and can become quite hot.

Please always be careful around lit incense and never leave it unattended.

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