Inca Natural + Raw Incense

Inca Natural + Raw Incense

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This is the highest quality incense, hand rolled using natural raw materials and we are so proud to be the first to stock it in the UK.

These toxic-free sticks of resin, essential oils, plants and wood, shouldn’t be taken lightly and are nothing like the tiny thin sticks you may be used to. They have a burning time of around 2 hours and they totally impregnate your home with their healing and cleansing smoke.

Carefully harvested White breu resin is blended with frankincense resin, vegetable black charcoal and cleansing salt as a base to hold all the amazing scents provided by essential oils, fruits and plants.

The riberinhas families live on the Amazons river boarders and carry out the careful work of collecting the resin from the trees. 25 families hand harvest the resin, which allows them to continue to flourish instead of be chopped down for their medicine. This process keeps the trees protected and the people who love them sustainable culture alive.

All the incense is Fairtrade, all the packaging is recycled and the inks used are all vegetable based. Inca Aromas is just the most wonderful ethical company to work with.

20 workers hand roll the incense in Brazil and the land upon which they work has had 700+ trees planted around it with the profits from the incense so far.

The incense is also vegan (some incense makers use honey to glue the materials together, white breu binds these sticks together)

The incense is an exclusive blend that’s been developed over 20 years using traditional Brazilian techniques.

The “There is no planet B” incense bundle of 6 various scents includes white breu, palo santo, white sage, matristica, nature, and rue and 70% of the money raised from their sale is donated to environmental and social regenerative projects! Amazing!

There is so much information on each scent, if you wish to know more please look it up on the Inca web site (click EN for translation) or just send us a quick message.

The sticks come in 4 pack bundles, apart from the “There’s no planet B” incense which is a 6 pack bundle.

They work out around £1.37 a stick, which will burn for 2 hours.

They are perfect for special occasions, house cleansing, ritual work and inner work, but if you just love incense like we do, it’s lovely for everyday use in the home. We have tried many types of incense and this company is by far the best, more eco friendly and has the longest burning incense.

We hope you love using this high quality incense as much as we do and that you understand the importance of paying for and using real natural raw materials when cleansing your home.

“An incense holds the history of humanity, unfolded by air, earth, fire, and water - living elements composing the medicinal base of all our aromas” Juliana simões, Co-Creator.

Always be careful when using fire, make sure your incense is secure and on a heat proof dish or special incense holder. If you wish to stop your incense, just place inside a jar with a lid and cut of the oxygen to put it out.

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