Organic Bulgarian Rose Chocolate - 75% Belize Cacao

Organic Bulgarian Rose Chocolate - 75% Belize Cacao


This delicious chocolate melts in your mouth, the rich sacred flavour of cacao is followed by the floral heart healing taste of the hand picked Bulgarian roses.

Lewis carefully sources all of his beans from small farms that harvest cacao with respect and using only organic methods that have been passed down from their ancestors, they work symbiotically with the environment and the nature around them.

Lewis gently roasts, stone grinds, conches, tempers and wraps in hand made paper each bar. So much love goes into this chocolate makers offerings, it really makes them stand out.

Ananda translated from Sanskrit means “Ultimate Bliss” and trust us these bars really do give you that beautiful cacao blissed out feeling. Not only is the cacao delicious but it is bursting with so many health benefits to keep you well and feeling happy.

Treat yourself and slowly meditate over a square of this beautiful cacao chocolate with a cup of our herbal tea. We highly recommend Ghost rose tea or Dark Moon tea as a pairing.

Made with Ananda is certified organic by the soil association.

Made in Leeds, Yorkshire.

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