Paavani - Vata Facial toner for dry skin

Paavani - Vata Facial toner for dry skin


This unique Ayurvedic blend of chamomile and ginger combats free radical damage, promotes balanced skin tone, while hydrating deep within the skins layers.

Use to gently remove traces of cleanser and any trapped dirt, oil or makeup.

This Vata spray toner is perfect for those with dry skin issues and to keep your skin hydrated and looking firm and fresh through the Autumn winter months.

Infused with Ayurvedic healing mantras, tested only on humans, 100% plant based, gmo, organic and gluten free and vegan!

4 fl.oz

Ingredients - Rose water, Aloe Vera juice, witch hazel extract, chamomile, calendula, comfrey, and Essential oils of ginger.

Always check ingredients and do a patch test before using skin products, especially if breastfeeding, pregnant, on medication or unwell. Check with doctor to be certain if your worried.

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