The Happy News Paper - 30 pages of literary sunshine

The Happy News Paper - 30 pages of literary sunshine


A newspaper with a difference! Sick of dull unhappy newspapers that make you feel like a dark cloud is hanging over your head? The happy news is the opposite to all that doom and gloom and instead makes you feel like the sun is shining, you have a pocket full of rainbow sweets and your jam just came on and every one is doing a flash mob and you know the moves!

30 pages packed full of amazing facts, unusual knowledge, stories of real hero’s of the world, history, nature and great achievements in science along with a good pinch of funny animal info!

It’s head to toe rainbow pages and pictures make it super appealing to children too, a great way to get your kids learning and interested in the world. Don’t worry though it’s totally aimed at adults too!

Lancashire local , Emily coxhead the creator behind happy news, was noticing the effect that everyday news had on her when she was already feeling low, so many sad stories that started to make her feel even more down. She had an idea and set out to create a paper that reported on happy stories only, a rainbow beacon for all. She is now on her 15th issue thanks to a successful kickstarter and a great team.

We decided to stock these papers, because like Emily, we find the never ending sad and depressing news that constantly surrounds us really effects our moods, especially sad animal or mama earth stories. We wanted something our kids could read too and we wanted to help spread the some of this happiness around Yorkshire and beyond!

Once you’ve read your paper, why not use it for wrapping paper? Pass it on to a friend? leave it somewhere for a stranger to find? Or you could take it for someone in hospital or add it as a bright extra to a cheer up gift box? Or like us, why not leave it on your kids beds for them to find when they get home from a tuff dull day.

We hope you love this paper as much as we do and that it makes you smile, it comes out quarterly, so keep your eyes out for the next issue in December.

Gem x

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