Soap On A Rope - Vegan - by SoapDaze

Soap On A Rope - Vegan - by SoapDaze


These very high quality soaps are made to last, the scents keep giving down to the last nugget.

The fact that these are on waxed cotton ropes means they are even more fun to hang around the bathroom or take to the gym.

They are also nearly double the size of an ordinary soap, weighing in at 185g, so they really do last for ages.

Handcrafted and cut in small batches in Devon, these all vegan natural soaps are something to treat yourself to, but also a real essential for those trying to live a more green and plastic free life.

Each bar has it’s own properties such as the teatree and spirulina for antibacterial washing and the unscented oatmylk for gentle face washes.

Cedarwood and grapefruit smells like a smokey winter forest, frankincense is deep and masculine, Black pepper and ginger is spicy and warming, lemongrass and patchouli smells so delicious you almost want to eat it! (Please don’t)

Make your bathroom time rituals more enjoyable with one of these sumptuous UK soaps by the talented SoapDaze and ditch the plastic hand wash bottles for good.

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