Warrior Body Powder - Earthen + Les Oreads

Warrior Body Powder - Earthen + Les Oreads


These talc free multi purpose body powders are carefully crafted in west cork to be free from any nasties. They are all natural and use the absorbing power of arrowroot combined with grounding clay and essential oils. We even use ours in our hair for greasy days or to get extra root “omph” when going out!

Made in honour of ancient herbcraft, inspired by tradition and crafted under the moon.

Earthen - Is the stronger of the two scents, using a blend of Sweet cedar, lavender, bergamot and orange. It was created by Reidin to take you back to the roots and soil of the earth.

les Oreads - This more delicate scented powder uses the scents of rose, vanilla and cardamom with added naturally sourced mica for a subtle shimmer. Reidin blended and named this one after the river nymphs who’s skin was shimmery and soft from bathing in wild waters.

Use these powders on your body after showers or baths to make you smell sweet. Great as a preventative of leg chafing and to keep your bod smelling lovely and fresh in hotter weather. Or you can use it like we do for that extra root omph for your hair.

Comes in a metal reusable bottle with metal resealable spinning cap.

- 100g -

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