White Sage and Quartz Spray - by Soapy Layne

White Sage and Quartz Spray - by Soapy Layne


A powerful botanical alternative to a sage smudge bundle, this pure spray is perfect to take to the office, in the car or travelling.

Cleanse, purify, protect any room/person/space using the plant that had been used as a sacred tool for generations, sage.

This botanical spray has also been carefully infused with clear quartz, a master healer stone, thought to amplify energy and draw off any negativity of any kind, just spritz around the space or person you wish to cleanse.

This bottle contains a clear Quartz shard inside which you can take out after you finish or leave in and refill with your own spritzer.

A lovely gift for a new home or for someone’s having a bad time or feeling sluggish and dragged down.

Each hydrosol is steam distilled in small batches from pure plant based materials, if you have any questions please contact Soapy Layne or us regrading allergies etc.

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