A little about Tarn & Moon and our makers..

Tarn & Moon was born through a deep-rooted love for the earth and its animals so we keep that in mind when choosing all our products. We aim to capture the wildness of the Yorkshire Dales in our colours with a haunting dark touch from the Bronte moors. Not wanting to leave anyone out, we have embraced some of the amazing plant talent from around the world too and wheretever we can we use recycled packaging to tie all the magic together.


Tarn & Moon

I grew up in a dark wood, with the moors surrounding me. I spent every spare moment in nature, building dens and playing with creatures. I was taken mushrooming with one Grandad and walked the Yorkshire dales with the other. Always outside, dirty with leafs in my hair and rosy cheeks, I only came in when I was starving or it was dark - the wildness of my childhood still runs through my veins. It was magic.

As an adult I studied animals, went on to live and work in the Irish countryside and then made home back in North Yorkshire, working as a human health advisor. 

Settling down with my lovely husband, we had two children. I bought hens, cats and a dog....but felt a little something was missing, so went back to college to study herbalism - grew a big garden full of veg and herbs and started making tinctures, salves and elixirs. Always trying to feed my family herbal concoctions and natural remedies, spending hours hunting out new natural products, I realised that more might be interested in the same things in life as me. So I created Tarn & Moon as a home for these lovely things to live.

I hope you love and enjoy them as much as I do - please get in touch anytime with any questions or thoughts. Until then, stay sacred, honour your beliefs and always follow your intuition, you are amazing!



Mother Mountain

Mother Mountain Herbals, located in North Carolina, specializes in handcrafted, small-batch plant goods with a focus on traditional western herbs. Plants used are lovingly home-grown, sourced from organic farms or sustainably wild-crafted (weedy species only). Stina Swesey, founder of Mother Mountain Herbals, is an artist, forager, gardener, beekeeper, and bonafide plant person. Mother Mountain Herbals was created to not only provide people with products that nourish the body and spirit with pure plant magic, but to also pay homage to our great Mother Earth and inspire communion with one of our greatest gifts, the plant kin-dom. Mother Mountain Herbals is named after one of the oldest and most ecologically diverse places in the world’s temperate climate region, the Appalachian Mountains. The land there provides nourishment and healing not only on the physical level, but on a deeply spiritual level as well. These mountains and their biota are our friend, our teacher and our mother. Stina is exceedingly blessed to live in a little green valley amongst the very plants and trees that enliven her. Stinas business was created to help share this beauty with you and inspire a deeper connection with your wild mother.


Wild Honey Apothecary

Kat Davis is the lady behind Wild Honey Apothecary and makes honey lovin' goodness fresh in her home studio in the beautiful Wisconsin. She is a holistic R.N. devoted to love, happiness and sweet soft skin. She describes herself as a free spirit with a gypsy soul that gets inspiration from travelling and laughing. She uses ingredients from the Earth that have been coveted for their skin loving properties. NO synthetics or chemicals of any kind and NO animal testing are used in the making of her products. She lives with her husband, baby and a cat called Poe in an 'Earth home' (meaning it's buried on three sides by earth and surrounded by towering Wisconsin Pine, they can grow things to eat on their own roof, amazing!)

P.S. Purchasing honey products is a great way to support honey bees - a portion of all sales are donated to organisations devoted to protecting honey bees!

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Debbie Denton 

Deborah draws her inspiration for her hand pinched pots from colours of fresh sea breezes, dog walks along sandy beaches, shingle shores and rock pools full of treasures.

Deborah took up pottery as a hobby but soon it became more and she bought her own wheel and kiln. Working from a timber framed studio at the end of the garden, Deborah has the freedom to capture memories through her ceramics. Living in Kent, Deborah enjoys teaching art and pottery at her local primary school. When term ends she always looks forward to escaping to the coast for a break with her family. 

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