Terms of Use



We have made every effort to ensure product photographs, descriptions and details listed on the site are accurate but due to the nature of our goods being handmade, variations in colour and form may occur as a result of the ingredients and or screen resolution. please note that all measurements are approximate.


All of the products sold through Tarn & Moon are handmade, and should be treated with care and in line with the care instructions.


The products on the Tarn & Moon website are made by third parties and sold through Tarn & Moon as an agent.

The products that are made for the face and body should always be patch tested on the skin before regular use. Tarn & Moon is not responsible for any allergies or rashes that might occur due to reactions with products we sell. If you are pregnant or on any medication or have any medical complaints, always discuss with your doctor first before using or drinking Herbal Teas or using products with herbs or essential oils in.