Copper Tongue Scraper - Paavani

Copper Tongue Scraper - Paavani


The tongue is often neglected in our mouth care rountines and even brushing and using mouth wash doesn’t always remove all the bacteria, dead skin cells, food particles, fungus and candida that builds up on it.

Bacteria causes bad breath and most of it is found on the tongue, bacteria build up has also been linked to bad health in our bodies internal organs too.

Using this copper scraper can remove all the unwanted nasties in a few painless strokes. It is made from copper because this is the most bacteria-resistant metal and helps provide healthy enzymes that encourage the good microbes in your mouth.

Tongue scrapers are used as part of Ayurvedic cleaning, removing the bad Ama and leaving your mouth as clean as it can get.

This Paavanni tongue scraper comes in it’s own stamped carry bag.

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