Palo Santo Smudge Bundle

Palo Santo Smudge Bundle


Palo Santo literally means "Holy wood" in Spanish.

It is lit and the smoke is used to combat negative energy and cleanse the home, workplace and special places used for meditation.

Palo Santo is different from other smudging materials as its fragrant in its raw unlit form and does not necessarily need to be lit to release its scent, although it is more effective when it is.

 It smells a bit like frankincense but has coconut and citrus tones.

This wonderful wood helps cleanse negative thoughts and is used as a natural insect repellent too. One stick can be lit and reused many times, placing it in a smudge bowl once finished. ( We sell some lovely smudge bowls in the shop )

Sustainable sourced wood collected from fallen trees. Our producer is involved in the reforestation of the Palo Santo forest.

Comes wrapped with a crystal and seasonal herbs or flowers.

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